The American Dream of a Woman-Owned Company


During the 2020 pandemic, Leena Karpey was struck with an idea. She realized with everyone in lock-down, there was a need for better, healthier, organic, and vegan food and drink choices. Her goal was to introduce an assortment of products that could deliver a wide variety of healthy options to individuals and families. And she did it.

Leena’s extensive background as a registered nurse provided her with both the resources and passion for searching out and sourcing the very best natural ingredients straight from the earth. Her discovery of the sensational Pink & Blue Energy Drink has emerged as her first and most successful product to date. With God’s grace and help from her family and friends, Leena acquired the formulation and rights for manufacturing and distribution of this Global brand, as a collaboration effort with Dr. Marcus Horn, Founder and CEO of Pink & Blue Europe. Together, they’ve launched Pink & Blue Brand in the USA– the first USDA organic, vegan, great tasting energy drink!

Leena’s company Grace Signature has led the effort reaching out to major retailers across America to set up successful tastings in locations throughout Texas and Louisiana. The initial response has been tremendous with shoppers choosing Pink & Blue over traditional, less healthy beverage options. The energy drink is gaining in popularity and receiving rave reviews for its taste, level of sustainable energy, and health benefits!

Leena invites you to try Pink & Blue and see for yourself why it is the BEST choice in healthy, organic, vegan energy drink options while providing your body with essential nutrients and hydration to stay alert, healthy and refreshed!

Woman-Owned and Texas-Based

Besides being a woman-owned business, Pink & Blue is also Texas-based and distributed through Leena’s Grace Signature LLC, and is available on Amazon and at select retailers.

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Going Above and Beyond